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Game Of War Fire Age Complaint About Losses Suffered While Game Froze Up Gets Cold Shoulder

I’m sure that this has happened to more than one player of MZ’s popular war strategy game, Game of War, Fire Age. You are about to attack an enemy or about to get attacked. You have your finger on the…

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The craze of people for games is increasing day by day, many of us prefer entertaining ourselves through Play game Online.

There will be not any surprising thing if we say that now it is time of game. Because as it is becoming popular day by day it is really a miracle. Now everywhere we can observe the craze of games…

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The gaming market in Norway is regulated and a gaming tax imposed

The government requested in 2015 that an investigation would be added regarding the new regulation of the Norwegian gaming market could be developed through a licensing system, instead of the monopoly that the current legislation is based. The background to…

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